Which Laptop to Buy This 2016?

Over the past several years, the laptop market has gone through some major changes, especially if you look at the technological advancement in this area. There are so many cell phone spy software iphone devices that you can choose from, such as Auto Forward Spy, when you think about buying a laptop. You find simple and portable laptops that only weigh about 1 pound to laptops that weigh 10 pounds. The laptop that you decide to get should be determined by the needs you have for the laptop. If you have been around for a while, you can be a witness to the overall change of the initial laptop since they were introduced. Today, there are numerous types of laptops, with some even with convertible designs. You will find that some laptops can double as a tablet, some can bend and others can fold. If you are not well-informed on the types of laptops that you can buy, you may end up spending money on something that will not help you.

We are going to provide you with a buying guide that will help you find the laptop that fits our needs in 2016. It is important that you have info on the latest specs, designs, and current trends, which will play a huge role in helping you find what exactly you need.

Windows and Touch Input

If you are a windows lover, then this is for you. When the Windows 8 system was released, it was supposed to simplify the computing process and give the users more touch-centric platform, but due to the many dislikes of the interface by consumers, Microsoft had to go back to the drawing board and thus Windows 10 was released. Windows 10 is a computer that is much easier to use with a keyboard and touchpad. Currently, Windows 10 is the OS that you will find on your computer. This new Window combines various components from the Windows 8 Platform. Windows 10 has brought a better approach to using touch, and that is what you will find many of the laptops having a touch screen. If you are searching for a new laptop, it is recommended that you get one that has a touch screen.


One thing that we all can notice about laptops is that they have grown thinner and sleeker. With this new sleek design, plus energy efficient components and long lasting batteries, nowadays we have laptops that can deliver more on productivity and also portability.

Hybrid Laptop Designs

With the introduction of touchscreen capability for laptops, nowadays, there has been an adoption of a hybrid laptop, which will entail a two in one laptop and tablet. Many manufacturers have designed hybrids laptops which are really giving the normal laptops competition in the market. The hybrid laptop can easily be transformed from a laptop to a tablet. Most of the hybrid laptops offer docking keyboards that you can use whenever you feel like.

Media and Gaming Machines

With a variety of laptops to choose from, we cannot fail to include the gaming machines, which have really increased in popularity of late. As other types of laptops and PCs going down in sales, the gaming machine has increased in sales. This is because many gamers want a machine that can provide them with the best kind of machine for the best performance while playing their games. You can get a gaming machine from as low as 900 USD and can reach up to 3500 USD. It will mainly depend on your requirements.

When buying a laptop this 2016, make sure that you look at the features. It is all about getting a machine that has the latest features, specs, and components so that it does not let you down.