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Track My Fone Assessment

What I discovered

I discovered that it is actually a somewhat useful item with functions that may reward anybody trying to find a competent parental control application, while using the Fone. This system can log some kinds of actions like calls, texts, emails, sites visited, social media usage, etc. Furthermore, it includes maps and reviews offering a listing of the sport in the goal phone. The adult control function triggers it to be obvious the website bookmarks from to be able to access particular websites and reduce the future phone. In case you would love, it’s also possible to use Fone to clubhouse utilization of any application you could wish. There’s also a planning attribute which could secure the possible phone for almost any number of weeks.

Today, visiting the negatives of TrackMy Fone, I’ve to disclose the common consumer might find it too difficult to make use of all GPS. When it comes to including prime attributes TrackMy Fone’s designers did perfectly. However, I’ve got a sensation there is not much effort to produce a class you should use by all no matter their level of comfort with advanced technology. For me, this is a problem that is considerable since clients simply reap the benefits of attributes that they’re more comfortable with.

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It had been mastered this system is quite “buggy” in studying TrackMy F-One from consumers and both exisiting. These “bugs” has been claimed by people to our team and myself:

  1. Irregular uploads of texts
  1. Incorrect gps device confirming
  1. Static available songs.

They certainly were one of the most prevalant, although there have not been less.

Efficiency and consistency

Productivity and stability was mediocre at the best. The program to work effectively notably a not too nicely in others was ran across by me. The published text texting characteristic, that is an important within my expertise and most individuals, submitted sufficiently but often only occasionally. When you’re wanting to preserve tabs on a relative you imagine perhaps in way this naturally might be a huge challenge. Something that is There’s annoying as of late knowing.

Other features, as an example, phone call recording, navigation monitoring, e-mail, pictures and vids all may actually function ok but nothing actually pleased me for the phase where I appear to be shouting concerning this. The GPS navigation characteristic sometimes was wrong. I’d the possible phone resting right alongside my desk or me though the pushpin to the highlight showed calling was nearly 5 miles away.


Exploring inside my total encounter with utilizing TrackMy Fone, I’ve to admit that is a subpar choice for engineering savvy people trying to find a lot of features and a high-price tag. Nevertheless, the normal user with restricted specialized comprehension should seek out other options which are simple no matter getting all characteristics that are vital to use.