Teens and Apps

Tech savvy teens have figured out that parents, even the least technological ones, can figure out how to access the inbox of their text messages on their phone and see what they are up to. This is a major reason why teens are Skyping, Snapchatting, using WhatsApps and Kakao Talk instead. If any of those sound like a foreign language to you, you may need to use software like Auto Forward to help you spy on more than just their text messages.

There are hundreds of apps that can replace texting; they allow users to connect quickly and easily to other users, just like text messaging, but can do so much more. These apps allow users to video chat, group chat, online gaming and various multimedia functions.

Snapchat-flashy-featuresA popular messaging app amongst teenagers is SnapChat. SnapChat allows users to take pictures and send them to others, however the recipient can only see the picture for 10 seconds, and then it disappears. However, we all know that nothing really disappears online. A teen sending an embarrassing, hurtful or inappropriate picture using SnapChat can defiantly feel the repercussions of their decision if the recipient simply takes a screen shot of their phone while the picture is displayed. If this happens, the picture is saved to the receipts phone for them to use in whatever way they wish. The “expiration” of the pictures may provide teens with a false sense of security and they may send pictures to friends, or even strangers, that they assume are just going to disappear.

Parents who download software that allows them to spy on text messages can also see all of the activity going on in all of the different chatting apps and messaging programs that are installed on the target phone.  If parents see that their children are using a wide variety of chatting apps, they may want to look into the contact list and conversation logs. They should check and make sure there isn’t anything inappropriate going on that teens would be trying to keep under wraps from their parents.

Skype-logoSkype is also a popular app worldwide, used mainly for video calling. Parents who have kids away at camp, on mission trips or away at college love Skype because it allows them to really see and connect with their teen. Unfortunately, child predators love Skype for the same reason. Along with being able to spy on text messages, Autofoward allows parents to see who their child is Skyping with, and can monitor all chatting activity. Skype is an incredible tool and great way to stay in touch with family and friends, but parents should regularly monitor who can see and talk to their child without their knowledge.

Auto Forward is easy to install and works without the user of the target phone even know they are being monitored. Working in “stealth mode” allows parents to track the genuine and uninhibited activity of their cell phone savvy teen. Chatting, sharing funny emoticons and group video calls are fun, as long as parents monitor the activity.