The Impact Of Electronic Consumers On Technology

The consumer electronics are being improved from time to time.  New products that are digitalized are being released in the market and this has shown a great development in technology.

First, the smart phone app has made a tremendous contribution in the development of technology especially in the medical field.  They are designed to track data concerning a person’s temperature using the smart phone locating up to forty feet away. When using it, the patch is inserted under the arm and it acts as a thermometer especially in children.  The app is made in a simple way where the different temperatures are differentiated by colors.  The color coding offers the color green for less than 100.4°F, the color orange for equal to or more than 100.4°F and the color red for the individually designated temperature. Green is designed to measure temperatures from 86.0°F and 108.3°F.

Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) which contains APIs that are self-servicing and designed to help developers create new and more ways of using voice controls in their products.  With Alexa, Amazon aims to create a far-reaching web and link all the connected devices with the voice of the consumer.  An outstanding feature about this is that the  in this voice-controlled future known as the Alexa, you will be able to get information such as the Wi-Fi enabled alarm clocks that is enabled to tell you the day’s forecast, your schedule as your request, and even the situation of the traffic on the road at your command.  Talk about Your car reading your audio book to you as you drive and remind you to pick up sugar or your child from school on your way home.  You have all the ability and the comfort to talk to your TV, lamps, sprinkler and air conditioner, and they will automatically respond to your every whim.

GoBe: This device tracks the amount of calories automatically.  For an individual making every effort to lose weight but do not have the time to frequently check on their calories bun, the holy grail has definitely been designed for you.  This device is said to perfume its function by measuring the level of glucose in the cells.According to the companies’ description, the GoBe is said to be 84% to 94% accurate in the measuring of the calories intake, calories that have been burned and the nutritional intake.  The wearable device worn on the wrist is also said to have the ability to measure the level of stress, hydration, the rate of heartbeat and the quality of a sleep that an individual is having.  There is no doubt that the wrist worn device is a mobile laboratory

Generally, the camcorder is a very complex electronic device that usually combines a video recorder and a video camera.  In simple terms, video cameras can record.  Manually it is known in the markets as the video camera recorder.  In summary, a camcorder is a word that is used to describe a portable,self-contained device that has a system that enables video capture and recording as its primary function.  Looking into the history, the earliest camcorders were very heavy and very large .the bulk of their weight could not allow easy movements from one place to another.  It used to have a separate recorder.  It is only in 1982 that the Sony released a Beta cam system that eliminated the cable between the camera and the recorder making it a single thing.  With the developments and improvements, the camcorders have made the work of professional and even individual easier and faster.  The developed has have lead to greater professionalism such as photography.

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