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An Overview of Android Phones and Operating System: How You Can Watch Over Your Android with a Cell Phone Spy

android phoneThe Android phone or Droid phone is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market. This device uses software developed by Google.  The concept behind the development of the operating system is something similar to smart phones.  The software enables developers to do more with mobile devices by creating different aspects that can be customized.  In turn, this gives users more control of how they use their mobile phones.  The operating system allows users to choose applications (apps) that are free or paid options (freeware and payware respectively). With more options to customize your phone, the more trouble you can get into. Using a cell phone spy software like Highster Mobile you can monitor what kind of trouble your loved ones are getting into on their cell phones with the software features available at

Basic Technical Aspects of Android to Know About

Android phones operate on an operating system that shares the same name (Android).  This operating system is unique because it allows different developers (including professional and hobbyists) to write program content for use.  This means different applications can be developed for the operating system and made available to others for downloading.  Apps downloaded supported by this operating system are found through the Google Play Store as well as at  This is a library of apps for Android phones with a wide selection of options to choose from.

Android Has Unique Abilities to Run Multiple Apps at One Time

A feature of the Android operating system many users enjoy is the ability to run multiple applications at the same time.  For example, if you have a weather app, internet browser, and other apps that you quickly access from your home screen they may all be running at the same time. This includes getting notifications and updates letting you know something is ready for downloading.  Keep in mind this could have an effect on storage capacity as some apps constantly running can use more space on the mobile device.

Background Details about Android and How It Was Developed

android phoneThe Android phone and operating system has a unique history that started with Google partnering with another tech company.  Other phone service providers and manufacturers have adopted this software since it debuted in recent years.  Android is a software operating system with different versions with code names. Many phones are made with certain limitations. This can affect its ability to be updated when changes have occurred in the operating system.  Some operating systems need advanced technology hardware in order to be upgraded.  This is why some users decide to change phone devices after a year or so.

Additional Insight to Know about Android Phones and Operating Software

Experts like to compare this software and device to its competitors such as the iPhone and other smartphones.  Consumers have done their own comparisons with many split down the middle.  Developers who create apps for Android may have the ability to create apps for other programs such as iTunes or the App Store.  Yet, developers for programs just mentioned may not have the ability to product an app for Android users. Some say Android may offer more advantages such as “rooting” that make their devices and software more appealing to users than other mobile devices.

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